We are generally pet friendly. Pet owners must clean up after their own pets and pets must be under the control of their owner at all times. Pets MUST NOT be left tied up outside of a guest’s RV without the owner present. This is for the protection of the pet and all other life forms (guests, workers, other pets, wandering children, etc.) which may pass through the park. Golden Spike RV Park is not responsible for damage or injuries which any guest’s pet inflicts on others or any injury or harm which may be suffered by an owner’s pet. Pets ARE NOT allowed in rest rooms. The text below is directly from our insurance company and indicates breeds which we are unable to accept with a guest.

NOT ACCEPTABLE FACTORS Dogs including but not limited to the following breeds and any dog that is a mixture of any of these breeds:•Akita•Alaskan Malamute•Catahoula•Chow•Doberman Pinscher •German Shepherd •Husky •Pit bull terrier (aka Staffordshire terrier)•Presa Canario • Rottweiller.